Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Big E ... Day ONE.

Well, I am pleased and quite relieved to say that the first official day of the Big E was a pleasant one!  We were set up and ready, the booth looked great and people were so nice! Special thanks to my sister Lynn, who kept us company the first day in case we needed an additional person.

 Here's a few pictures of our progress over the past few days.  The are just some quick photos taken from my cell phone and tossed up online... not much spare time nowadays!

Starting out:

The Trailer.. trip #2 to Massachusetts.  My trailer is 6'x10', similar to the size of a horse trailer.

Back seat of the truck.  I wasn't sure the doors were going to close!

The 20 x 10 foot frame of steel bars was probably the most challenging.  Thank you LARA MAX for all your help!

Stuff, Stuff and more STUFF....

Lara helped find the fabric and my mother sewed these beautiful drapes for my walls.  They really dress up my display.  Thanks MOM!

Finished!  (You should see the storage / work space in the back 3 feet!  I will have to take pics there next  And my beautiful assistant, organizer, sales professional and friend... Kathy Bridge is tucked away in the corner organizing my price lists.  I can't thank you enough Kathy for committing to all 17 days with me!  

View from 2nd floor in the MAINE State Building along the Avenue of States, at the Big E!

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