Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 11 (?) at the BIG E...

It's hard to keep all the dates straight, without looking at the big calendar page that I ripped out from home and stuck to my wall here at the Big E.  I have to cross off the days to really keep track of where I am within the 17 days of the event. Yesterday  morning my friend Carol and I did some rearranging out in the truck and if felt so good just to be outside!!  It was a glorious morning and the fresh air felt wonderful.

As we enter the gate, we are always greeted each morning by the beautiful smile and sweet, positive words of a wonderful woman named Grace.  As Carol so perfectly worded, her welcoming demeanor sets the tone for a positive day, no matter how tired I might be.  For that Grace, I thank you!  Her sister Martha and "the boys" are always a fun and entertaining way to start another day there.

 One of my favorite parts of the Big E are the quiet mornings before the crowds start, chatting with Grace and the clan at the gate, and watching the Clydesdales on their morning walks while the grounds are not yet bustling with crowds.  They are such amazing creatures!  (and they handle the crowds so much more gracefully than I do!)

My other favorite part, is watching the reactions and expressions of people as they first view my work. I wish I could have some of them on video!  I have folks walk by my booth and do a double take, then have to come back, enter my booth and look more closely.  I hear ooohs, aaaahs and WOW!  It's wonderful!  Just yesterday, I had two different wonderful women who were brought to tears by an image that spoke strongly to them.  I can't tell you how much that means.  When I am out in the field photographing, my therapy is just being out there. I consider my "job" successful if I can bring back images that speak strongly enough of my first hand experience, that it as the same or at least a similar affect on my audience.  Not everyone is affected the same way by my work and plenty of folks really could care less.  But there there are the others who "get" me and what I have tried to accomplish.  Every image has a story and when they ask the story, even more of a bond is formed.  It's magical at times!  LOVE IT!  It makes up for all the other interactions where someone wants to steal am image with their cell phone and not give it any further thought.   I love the look of awe, when folks are sucked in by the 40 linear feet of images that surround them once they step into my booth.  You can just see their demeanor change!  It's wonderful!

Also yesterday, I had a gentleman jotting down words along the edge of my booth. Then,as he stepped in he handed me the poem below that he had written on the spot, about my image "Strolling into Autumn", which printed on canvas and measuring 30"x40" is a strong presence in my booth.

In the Woods:

Lost in the woods
and yet on a path
I take in its warmth
as if in a bath.
The trees all in colors
by the path are the fern.
With all of its beauty
my head it does turn.
The path in the forest
to follow along.
To see all this beauty
I break out in song.
Lost in the woods
and yet on a path.
I take in its warmth
as if in a bath.

4:14pm  9/23/2014
by Mr. Cliff Slate

All in all, another wonderful day at the BIG E!!  
I am grateful for such a positive response to my images.


Anonymous said...

I am VERY proud of my big sister. I have watched her struggle for 20 plus years. It goes to show you that patients pays off. Stick to your dreams!!! I am honored to be her little brother. I am glad you are having such a great experience with the Big E and wish you luck going forward. (not that you need it).. Have a great day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's my Mom. Awesome pic. She is the bomb. Love ya Mom. Li.

Lori A. Davis, Photographer said...

Thanks Scott!