Monday, September 22, 2014

Day EIGHT at the Big E...

One of the vendors calculated that Saturday around 3:30pm was the halfway point of our time at the Big E.  I had already been there an additional 4 days setting up, so it feels even longer.  I'd been holding up pretty well, just tired with hurting feet from all the standing.  Saturday was predicted to be the busiest day for people attending the fair.  They were right!  I have the exact numbers at my booth, but I am chugging coffee and getting ready for another day here at my hotel room.  The estimated numbers were just over 170,000 people just for the one day!  Here is what it looked like out the 2nd floor window from the Maine State Building.

The weather was perfect and it seems as though everyone was there!  Inside the building was quite mobbed as well and I was grateful to be surrounded by my images of peaceful places rather than outside in that crowd.  Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, even those who had to wait hours for parking seemed in good spirits.

I was grateful when the day was through because it was just exhausting, having been the best day for sales so far.  I thought I was exhausted at 9pm when the building closed...and then....  it took me over half an hour to get out of the parking lot.  And then... I sat in traffic.  Fatigue was really, REALLY setting in.  For the first time I can remember, I was not letting people in front of me in the line of traffic.  I can't imagine their day was as long as mine had been, nor did they have to be back so early the following morning.   It took an hour and 45 minutes to travel the 3.5 miles to the hotel room.  Folks, I have worked through the night for shows before and then worked all that next day at the show and I've been tired.  But I don't ever recall being as tired as I was that night when I finally got to my room!  Thankfully, Sunday was a wonderful day.  I am running out of time this morning... will have to catch you up later on that!

Thanks for checking back!

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