Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day....ummmm... SIX?

Good Morning everyone!  I think it's Wednesday...  the organizer told us that being "Connecticut Day" along the Avenue of States, CT will be bringing FIFTY busloads of people today!  I may be getting tired.  The first attempt at making coffee today was a huge failure.  One of the measurements was seriously wrong.  I am currently trying again. 

In the beginning, I was up before the alarm by 5:30 am.  Now, the alarm startles me awake at 6:00.  The building opens at 8am to vendors and closes at 9pm.  I've been going in early and staying until close.  Kathy  has been there with be almost the entire time as well. It's nice to be able to walk out and take a break if necessary, or hide in the back and try to get some work done.  I've got two printers and shelves full of mats and supplies tucked back in a 3 ft by 20ft nook. 

Somewhere in there... are two printers.

This is my mini work station where I keep my laptop and more supplies.

Did I mention that this workspace is only 3 feet deep?  Thank you Lara Max for the idea of the curtain over my doorway to hide all this clutter!

So, sales are decent. Some vendors in the Maine Building say they are up over last year, others say they are down.  I have nothing to compare it to.  Therefore, I've been informed that my sales are up 100% over last year!  I'll go with that.

Today my friend Carol will be by to help out.  I'm finding that I've cancelled some of the extra help I had arranged.  The busy times are manageable by two for the most part and space is limited within my booth.  I may regret the change in plans if we have some really busy days.  This is all just a learning experience for me.  So far, so good.... 

I'm better get moving now...  That's the update for now.  I think I've made it 1/ 3 of the way!! 

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