Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lots of EXCITING NEWS & new locations!!

Hi everyone!

"It's CHILLY out here!"

I realize it's been way too long since I've published a BLOG entry.  Thanks so much for taking the time to check back.  Last season was just crazy busy and I must admit, I took much of the month of January just to rest & recharge.  February, which is typically a quiet month for me, has been extremely busy.  I've been filing show applications, following up on new wholesale accounts, working on websites and catching up on paperwork. 

Last month, I was contacted by a children's magazine in the United Kingdom that ordered  a number of  my photographs to be given out as prizes at an event.  It's quite a compliment, considering all the competition out there.  

I was also invited to become a member at MAINE ARTISANS, an artists' collaborative in Lincolnville,  located in mid-coast Maine. This location is on busy Route 1, which follows the coast from southern Maine up to Canada. There is a town beach across the road and ferry boats to and from local islands.  I'm hoping for some good traffic, great exposure and sales at my new locations!  This group also has a co-op in Boothbay Harbor, also which I have become a member.  This one is located along the beautiful Maine coast, but a bit further south and slightly off the main routes. Each is a very creative collaborative of talented, local artisans & craftsmen.

In addition, yesterday I delivered multiple large, framed photographs to the Harlow Gallery at the Maine Grind, in Ellsworth, Maine... not far from where I live.  Although the restaurant & coffee shop is closed this week for renovations, it will be open again early March and my work, as well as the works of other Maine artisans will be on display on both the first and second floors of the building.

And, saving the most exciting news for last of course...  The Kittery Trading Post, in southern Maine began selling my handcrafted photo note cards early this month.  They asked that I also provide photographs of my note cards so they could add my product line to their website.  So... yesterday, I was sitting at the Riverside Cafe having lunch when I decided to check my email.  My contact at the Trading Post had emailed to say  my new product page was up and graciously provided the link.  Curious to see how it looked, I clicked on the link provided.  I think I let out a little screech when I saw my own face on the Kittery Trading Post website looking back at me!!!  I was NOT expecting that!!  Their web design person had transferred not only the product information from my website (which I knew whey were going to do), but they had also transferred the photograph of ME and my bio and added that to their product information page!  It came out beautifully, but it was quite the surprise.  I'm quite tickled, that a store that I've shopped at for years and years and consider to be one of my favorite stores, now sells "Lori A. Davis, Photographer" as a BRAND in their store.  Very exciting, if I may say so myself! 

There's still an awful lot of work to do... more wholesale contacts to follow up on, more publishing in the near future, if plans fall into place... more shows to book and orders to fill.  Let's hope the ball keeps rolling!

Thanks everyone for their support!