Monday, March 7, 2011

I would LOVE your input!

Hi folks!

Perhaps spring really is on its way?  Its been raining here in Maine for the past day and a half.  The snow in my back yard is now only knee deep!  What a nice change.  I may feel differently as "mud season" approaches...

I've been plugging away in indoor work much of the winter but have gotten out photographing a bit.  Last week, I took a ride to Acadia National Park and Mt Desert Island early, early on some very chilly mornings, in search of some nice lighting and sea smoke. 

WELL!  The first morning I was out the door before 5am, but that wasn't quite early enough.  By the time I got to Ocean Drive, the sun was peeking over the horizon already.  Of course, it didn't help that the roads were very messy from the snow the night before and the folks ahead of me on the roads didn't seem to care that I was racing against the sunrise!  It was 5 degrees when I captured this image that morning.


It didn't feel too cold and would have been nice to just sit, take in the view & sip on a hot cup o'coffee.  Unfortunately, my coffee was long gone and would have been pretty darn cold at that point anyway!  Still, couldn't think of a more beautiful spot to start a morning of "work"!

The next morning I was up & out even earlier.  Out the door before 4:30 AM!  You'll notice the difference in lighting on these two images.  The image below, I had to wait for things to brighten up, since I was there way before sunrise.  I did make some images prior to sunrise, but they were so flat compared to the natural light and glow on the red rocks!


The second morning, the temperature was 9 BELOW zero!  I was pleasantly surprised that once I was out there & busy photographing, I hardly noticed the cold.  I was disappointed that even though the temperature & lack of wind seemed ideal for sea smoke, there really wasn't any.  Perhaps next time, conditions will cooperate a bit more.  Looking at these results and the beautiful location, the first light of the morning and the sounds of gulls & crashing waves, I wouldn't dare complain!

So, here's the question.  Which image do you like better and WHY?  I find there are attributes to each image that I like and I do like one slightly more than the other.  But before I influence your decision, I'd love some feedback.



Unknown said...

I like the first one better--both are excellent images. I am just one that prefers a darker tone to pictures. It conveys richness of color for me.


Zach Dexter said...

I like the first image a lot more! In my opinion, the variation of the colors makes for a better composition. Plus it is easier to tell that it is winter in the photo! To me, the first photo echoes 'Maine' more than the second. The lushness is soothing to the eyes.


Laura Albrecht said...

Hi Lori,

I think the color saturation and contrast in the first one make it more interesting and dramatic. Also, the little bit of foreground in front of the red rocks gives a perspective that leads you into the image better.


Anonymous said...

Although both images are wonderful, I like the first one because of the greater contrast between light and dark. Kathy B

Laurie Pollock said...

I like the first image better. I think the shadows and blueness of the water, sky and snow bring out the redness of the rocks. Nice job on both accounts, but I know which one I'd like on my wall :)

Mat Bunch said...

Hi Lori, I like the first one better because of its dynamic complexity... In my oppinion we can thank the position, timing, and of course a keen photogrophers eye for this enchanting example of natures exquisite design.

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Kerry in CT said...

Hey there...the first one seems balanced... I like the bit of snow in the foreground and the blue tones in sky and sea...the res in the second one is harsh (to me) :)

David Movsesian said...

My prefernce would be the first one; the deep blue sky makes all the difference.

Lori A. Davis, Photographer said...

Thanks everyone! I appreciate you all taking the time to share your thoughts on these images. I have to admit, I was surprised by the results. Only one person on facebook preferred the 2nd (warmer) image. I thought it would be more split. Now I know which one I should print larger & put in a frame for my art shows! One of my favorite things about the first image, is the gradation of snow on Pebble Beach. The dusting of snow overnight fell just as the tide was receding. I liked the light and lighter snow on the rocks. That was one of things details that made the first image more interesting to me.

Unknown said...

I really love the depth and vibrant color in A or the first one. The red on the rocks is better in the second but it still looks flat to me.